What is a Coffee Enema?

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What is a Coffee Enema?

The coffee enema detoxifies the liver, as well as cleans the colon. Coffee stimulates the liver to make more bile. Bile, from the gallbladder draws out environmental and metabolic toxins, as well as the very irritating toxins from Candida albicans and other parasite-like organisms. The colon is the organ responsible for carrying away these toxins. In addition, coffee enemas stimulate the liver to produce enzymes that clean the blood. Coffee enemas also assist the colon to develop better function. In these ways, coffee enemas are an essential resource in a colon cleansing program.
What you need to know about taking coffee enemas for a successful colon cleansing program:

1. The coffee you use must be organic. Non-organic coffee is full of herbicides and pesticides. Organic coffee is available through health food stores or over the internet. Do not use instant or decaffeinated coffees. They do not contain the ingredients needed for a successful colon cleansing program.

2. Any enema bag is great for taking coffee enemas. Most people find that colon tubes are invaluable. When taking a coffee enema for colon cleansing, it can help to use a 30" colon tube, FR 28, 32 or 34. Colon tubes help to deliver the coffee enema higher into the colon where it is able to exert its action most effectively on the liver. Never force a colon tube. Given that you are going to be guiding a colon tube deep into your colon, it is important that you use a food based lubricant. Super salve is our lubricant of choice. There are many natural herbal ointments available from health food stores. Also, natural oils such as olive oil and butter can be used. Again, never force a colon tube.

3. How often you take a coffee enema depends on where you are at in your colon cleansing program. Some find that taking a coffee enema as many as 3-7 times a week during the first one to three months of their cleansing program is a key factor in healing. After 3-4 months, it is best to take a coffee enema only when you feel toxic or are having symptoms of constipation or its many related symptoms such as Candida overgrowth.

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Taking a Coffee Enema is Easy!

Coffee is best prepared using stainless steel, glass or enamel cookware. Never use aluminum or Teflon cookware. Coffee that is not boiled using the drip or the toddy method is a preferable means of preparation. In addition, electric percolators work well for preparing coffee for coffee enemas. If you do not own one of these appliances, the saucepan works just fine. Fill the pan with a quart of filtered water, bring water to a boil and immediately turn off the burner. Add 4 T of organic coffee. Steep the coffee until the water is at the desired temperature, which is approximately 105-118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure that you have closed the clamp of your enema bag before you add the coffee and the water. From the brewed coffee, pour only 1 tablespoon to cup of the coffee into your enema bag. Into this same enema bag, add 1 quart of filtered water (100-105 degrees). This quantity of coffee to water brings true healing of the body, without the negative effects of coffee. You don't want to "feel" that you took coffee into your body. Put the rest of the coffee in a glass container in the refrigerator and save for your next coffee enema. How to use a Colon Tube for a Coffee Enema Once your enema bag is full, hang the bag from a towel rack, showerhead, shower curtain or IV pole. Lubricate your colon tube. Lie down on your left side on a comfortable spot and insert the colon tube. How the colon tube is inserted varies between individuals. Here are some helpful tips:

1. By no means force a colon tube.

2. The best way to insert a colon tube is to begin a flow of water after you have inserted the colon tube a few inches and then to create a channel by further inserting the colon tube in stages, gradually.

3. I recommend a medium diameter colon tube, French 28 to 32. Although, I do have many clients who swear by the thinner colon tubes.

4. Each person reacts differently to colon tubes, even when a 'channel' of enema water or solution is created. You might never get the tube all the way in, and you should NEVER force the tube.

5. It is not really necessary to get the colon tube all the way in to accomplish a 'high' enema. Use time, patience and gravity to your benefit. Unless your colon is congenitally abnormal, the enema should be able to reach the 'high' areas of the colon by taking at least 2 quarts of water.

6. Most likely, the best way to take a 'deep' colon tube insertion is to start out on your left side, take some tube and water, then after the tube is 'in' about 10+ inches, and turn over on your back, with hips elevated on a pillow or something. It's better to have someone else helping, but that's not possible for most people. Just remember that it's not necessarily how deep the colon tube goes in but, rather, how deep the water goes in that really counts. This takes time, relaxation and listening to one's own body.

7. Before you insert the colon tube, lay it out on a flat surface. Take note of its natural curve. As you insert the colon tube, slide it into your colon so that this natural curve corresponds with the curve of your colon.

Slowly take the water from the enema over 5-15 minutes. Hold the coffee enema for at least 5 more minutes, if not 20 minutes. Once you have taken the entire solution and have retained it for some time, sit on the toilet and let your colon and your body cleanse themselves.

A special note: After a colon cleansing with a coffee enema, you should expect to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, not "buzzed". If after completing the coffee enema, you feel jittery, shaky, lightheaded, nervous or weak, you will need to decrease the strength of the coffee solution. Please check with your doctor is you have questions about this issue.

Some final words on colon cleansing and coffee enemas:

Here at the Optimal Health Center, we believe that when the colon is healthy, bowel movements happen without effort and grant a complete emptying of the colon each and every day. A person that is not constipated produces a stool that is between one to two feet in length, one to three times daily. The color of the stool should be brown with a green tinge. A person who is not constipated does not produce stool that is light yellow, gray or dark green. A person who is not constipated does not have regular diarrhea, small and thin or short and hard stools. A person who is not constipated does not have mucous, undigested food or blood in their stools. A person who is not constipated has firm, not hard or watery bowel movements.

For many of us, this is not the case. And, unfortunately, improper elimination brings with it poor health. In other words, constipation brings with it poor health. Some people are bloated, and gassy. Other people simply don't ever feel empty because they don't ever fully empty out their colon. For some, constipation leads to a deposit of fecal matter that has built up on the walls of the colon or in pockets of the colon. These deposits of fecal matter are thought to remain in the colon for weeks, months, even years. Known as 'mucoid plague' or 'ropes', these deposits are thought to 'grow' as thick as 2-4 inches, be as hard as rubber, and emit foul odors. This aspect of constipation brings with it poor health because the body is not able to absorb the needed vitamins and minerals and is an ideal home for an overgrowth of Candida albicans. In this way, constipation brings with it nutritional deficiencies that not even supplements will address. For others, constipation brings with it poor health due to an irritation to nerve endings in the colon, causing back pain and back spasms, irritable bowel, irritability, depression, and many other health imbalances. And finally, for others, constipation brings with it chronic illness such as chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, chronic sinus infections and many more seemingly unrelated dis-eases due to an overgrowth of Candida albicans and other parasite-like organisms

Whether you are cleansing your colon for constipation, Candida or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it is important that you understand that colon cleansing alone will not bring your body to a state of optimal health. You must give your cells the fuel that they need in order for your cells to give you the required energy you need for all your metabolic functions, as well as for cleansing. You cannot fully cleanse your body without enough energy in your cells. In this way, and in this way only, you will have optimal health. For this purpose, I recommend that you use the coffee enema as part of a program that includes working through my new CD book, Ten Days to Optimal Health. By doing so, you will be guided to more fully know what an optimal diet is for your individual body chemistry.

Kristina Amelong, CNC
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Survivor of a Chronic Illness

CT Warning: Detoxification programs such as colon cleansing and coffee enemas are not for the purpose of addressing any specific condition, but rather are intended only to help the body to do its natural activities of detoxification and elimination. Please work with your doctor before and during such a colon cleansing practice.



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